Susan Tenby | Services
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Services Provided

Social Media & Community Management
Presentations & Workshops
Events & Live Tweeting

My Approach

I am a firm believer that online community and social media should complement each other. As you grow your social media presence, you should be building your community. The number of fans and drive-by retweets matters less to me than the quality of the engagement and how influential your network is.


Your objective should be to create a dense network of influential community members who would be happy to voluntarily share your message out to their community of followers and friends. I provide an approachable and nimble space to encourage an interactive and engaged community who will become your allies and your superfans.


With 15 years of experience in nonprofit community building and 8 years of social media management for assorted businesses,  I’m available as a strategist, implementer and bridge-builder. I also can do quick, on-the-fly social media posting, on a less formal basis.

Online Community0

Social Media, Digital Marketing0

Consulting Services Offered

Live Tweeting

I will live-tweet an event, on my own account and/or your account, amplifying the event to an audience that is broader than the audience in the room. I will compile the tweets into a story (on Storify) and share it out to the audience after the event.
Live tweet stream will be projected in the event room and encourage audience participation.

Listening Dashboard Curation

I will create a listening dashboard for you to monitor your colleagues and competitors’ posts and publications.
I will create a curation page for you to use to create content for social media posts.

Influencer Identification and Engagement Strategy

Influential members of your community will be targeted and become your evangelists.


I can speak on most topics pertaining to social media.
My specialties are: Social Media Monitoring, Social Media for Beginners, Twitter 101 and 201.

Social Media Posts/Updating of All Channels

I will work with my team to keep your presence on social media accounts updated and respond and moderate comments from your community.

I will curate content that is relevant to your topic area.

Network Mapping

I will create a network map that will identify the key hashtags and people in your topic area and the adjacent networks that you may not already know.

Social Media Channel Audit and Strategy

Social Media channels audited and recommendations of engagement management tactics and enhancements made.